Tribute to the Great Artist
Sergey Prisekin  (1958 - 2015)
Sergey Prisekin... He was my friend, my schoolmate, my colleague, the inspiration for many and the Great Artist we will always remember and admire!                                 
Sergey Prisekin
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Characters created by the artist decorate and adorn the re-constructed Temple of Christ the Savior. Sergey Prisekin not only knows the profound history of his country and the world, he also lives within the richness of its environment. His creative roots branch out all over the vast Russian lands, as well as throughout the most significant places of human civilization, such as Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Every journey was accomplished with a series of new works, surprisingly dimensional, but concurrently detailed and impressive. Sergey Prisekin's name is highly prestigious among connoisseurs of art and people everywhere. It is an honor for everyone, who had a chance to be his co-worker, to join him in charitable events and merely to stand side by side with him.

Sergey Prisekin is indeed an outstanding master of a modern portrait.  Portraits of famous statesmen and public figures, known businessmen both of his country and the world belong to his brush. One’s acquaintance with Sergey Prisekin's works brings both joy and bewilderment. It is a joy because of a single natural and understandable reason: one meets such a brilliant talent, whose creative activity in spite of potential aversion of some individual characters, cannot but command respect.  The bewilderment is the extent of his talent, and you involuntarily ask yourself, if all this belongs to a brush (pencil) of one and the same artist, for the diversity of his paintings, as well as of all he has created, ranks him undoubtedly with great classical artists who ever lived.

First of all, impressive are the historical canvases of the artist. Prisekin explains his attitude about the historical themes in such a way: “My advert to history has taught me to love my homeland, with keeping my eyes open. I have especially realized it while scrutinizing archival research materials … I have initially satisfied my curiosity and then realized, the experience we have given to the world and at what price.”Of special note are the portraits made by this artist and draughtsman. Among them, there are official portraits (mainly, historical persons as if they were painted according to academic canons of XIX century: Catherine II, Peter I, Elizabeth II, King of Belgium Boduen I, Columbus, Boris Godunov). The majority of remarkable etudes, pictures and self-portraits made in oil are overwhelmed with internal lyricism and author’s feelings of love for people and his close friends. And, finally, remarkable in their delicacy and sensitivity, are his landscapes that can be attributed to the best examples of landscape painting of the late XX century. S.N.Prisekin. On the rise of creation” Youriy Astakhov. From the book “1000 Russian artists. The Major Collection” M.: The White Town, 2006

Sergey Prisekin is a name that has become a revelation in Russian painting of the 1980’s. His first monumental canvas had impelled people to speak about him. Paintings of the artist occupy an outstanding place in various prestigious collections.  Copies of his works often appear on covers of magazines and books, are included in calendars and reproduced on large panels in the center of the nation’s capital as in the case of the portraits of marshals G. K. Zhukov and K. K. Rokossovsky in celebration of Victory Day.

The artist does not limit himself by his advances and continues exciting minds with unusual powerful styles of life and creation, thereby provoking disputes about causes underlying his popularity both in a wide audience of the masses and with the upper classes of society. Sergey Prisekin evokes “praise and abuse”, and with numerous publications in press, where he is seen in photos standing next to the Most Holy Patriarch Alexy II and Presidents of Russia, B. N. Yeltsyn and V. V. Putin, to Elizabeth II, the Queen of the Great Britain, M. T. Kalashnikov, the AK-47 inventor, as well as with many others VIP’s. Of special note, his canvas “That who will come to us with a sword will be put to the sword” has become the third and only contemporary painting to decorate the large Kremlin palace. The other two are “The Kulikov Battle” by A. Ivon and “The Temple of Christ the Savior” by I. K. Aivazovsky.

Of the few artists who have passed through a stringent competition, he was the supervisor of the artist team which participated in the new paintings and redecoration of the Temple of Christ the Savior. In summer of 1998, paintings of artists from this team (S. Prisekin, A. Sytov, S. Ossovsky, M. Poletaev) were exhibited in the gallery “Minor Manezh” in Moscow. One of academicians was quoted to have said in his opening speech, that ‘modern realistic art is in reliable hands.’
Tsar Boris Godunov  ( !551 - 1605 )
1993, 130 cm х100 cm, oil on canvas, private collection, Cologne
"Whosoever Shall Come to Us with a Sword, Shall Perish with a Sword" ~ Prince Alexander Nevsky  ( 1220 - 1263 )
1983, 11.5 feet x 22 feet (350 cm х 650 cm), oil on canvas, Moscow, The Kremlin, Antehall of the Grand Kremlin Palace

Apostle Mathew. A Detail of the Mural of The Cathedral of Christ The Saviour
1998, 250 cm х 200 cm, oil on canvas, Museum of The Cathedral of Christ The Saviour
G.K.Zhukov and K.K.Rokossovsky, Marshals of the Soviet Union, Great Patriotic War Victory Parade.
Red Square on June 24, 1945
1985, 270 cm х 330 cm, oil on canvas, Central Armed Fofces Museum

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Let Here Be the Land of Bulgaria!
2001, 147 cm х 147 cm, oil on canvas, private collection, Sofia
Drawing, Sepia
by S. Prisekin
Drawing, Sepia
by S. Prisekin
Drawing, Sepia
by S. Prisekin
Drawing, Sepia
by S. Prisekin
Still-Life, Oil on Canvas
by S. Prisekin
Florence, Watercolor
by S. Prisekin
by S. Prisekin
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Sergey Prisekin was born in the family of artists in 1958.

In 1983, he graduated from the V. I. Surikov Moscow Academic State Art Institute. His teacher was renowned T. T. Salakhov, the People’s Artist of Russia, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts. Today, Sergey Prisekin is a national artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, professor. He is a member of the Culture & Art Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

Prisekin is a Master of the battle-piece multi-figurative mural painting and the author of many paintings devoted to the heroic history of Russian people. His mural painting “That who will come to us with a sword …” (Alexander Nevsky) had awarded him the high honor of the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. This painting forever “resides" in the Kremlin Palace.
   ~ Igor Babailov